CCC Announces Plan to Deliver on Industry Vision for Straight-Through Processing

Direct from damage photos, CCC Estimate - STP is designed to combine advanced AI, insurer driven rules, and vast network connections to automatically initiate and populate predictive, detailed, and actionable estimates in moments. This advanced solution is designed to fully digitize the estimating process for qualified repairable claims, speeding processing time and elevating the customer experience. 

Highly configurable, CCC Estimate - STP is designed to offer insurers the ability to tailor the experience to their specific business rules and thresholds. Estimate writing decisions, such as repair and replace operations, labor hour predictions, R&I decisions, blend, and parts sourcing rules will all be guided by insurer-defined preferences. Claim eligibility and validation criteria round out the opportunities for customization, putting the insurance carrier firmly in control. 

CCC Estimate - STP is expected to be available in the second half of 2021 and can be fully integrated into CCC mobile and workflow solutions. 

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Powerful Technologies, Strong Connections

CCC Estimate - STP is designed to expand on CCC's deep industry experience to deliver the industry's most advanced estimating solution. CCC leads the industry in digitizing the end-to-end claims process, accelerating cycle times and advancing the customer experience.

Artificial Intelligence

CCC’s AI solutions help accelerate decision making with increased precision. CCC deep learning has processed more than 5 million unique claims - powering personalized decisions at scale, helping reduce risk, improve performance and enhance customer experiences.

Customer Experience

From consumer-guided mobile-applications to text message status updates, CCC is digitizing the customer experience – capturing data, improving relationships and accelerating digital transformations. CCC Estimate - STP is designed to produce a comprehensive estimate using damage photos from customer’s mobile devices.


The CCC network connects insurers, collision repairers, lenders, salvors, parts suppliers, and more to create a seamless, efficient experience for industry players and their customers. Once available, CCC Estimate - STP is designed to integrate with CCC mobile and workflow solutions.